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Here’s a list of guides and topics to help educate you about legacy, estate planning and more. 

Family Preparation and Guides 

Celebration of Life

Creating a Family Tree

Documents and Planning Checklist

Family Preparation and Guidance


The 25 Documents You Need Before You Die

Grief, Loss, and Bereavement Resources

Five Stages of Grieving

Grief, Loss, and Bereavement Support Groups

Managing Depression After A Loved One’s Death

Devices, Passwords, and Subscriptions

Digital Afterlife

Planning Your Digital Legacy

​​Use a Password Manager – Easy Access to Online Accounts


Basics of Retirement Planning

Closing a Loved One’s Bank Accounts

Debt Collection – Paying Debts from Estate Assets

Trusts and Tax Obligations of Your Beneficiaries


Benefits of Long-Term Care Insurance

Life Insurance Provides Peace of Mind to Families


100 Questions

Ancestry and Family Lineage

End-of-Life Preparation

Family Favorite Recipes

What’s Your Legacy?


Choosing a Guardian

Don’t Have a Will? Get One!

Estate Planning

Estate Planning with Property in Multiple States

Fiduciary – A Relationship of Trust

Filing a Small Estate Affidavit in California

How to Pass Down the Family Home

Lady Bird Deeds

Letter of Intent

Living Trust

Prepare Your Family with an Estate Plan

The Importance of Defining “Property”

Transfer-on-Death Deed for Real Estate

Transfer-on-Death Deed States

Your Responsibilities as the Executor of a Will


Advance Care Planning: Your Health Care Directives

Elderly Care

End-of-Life Doulas

Palliative Care

Power of Attorney vs. Living Will (Advance Directive)

Other Resources

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