Estate Planning

Estate planning is essential to help your executor and family members when they need guidance the most. You can’t control the timing of your passing, but you can prepare for the inevitable. Upon passing an executor will follow your instructions outlined in a will and settle the estate. If you haven’t named an executor, a friend, family member or another interested party, can come forward and petition the court to become the administrator of the estate by obtaining letters of administration.

In the U.S. it takes an average of 16 months to settle an estate through probate; during which time an executor typically spends 570 hours to complete the task, not to mention legal expenses. Incredibly, even with clearly written guidance, 44% of families experience estate conflict (e.g. is the will on file an original or only a copy!)

Learn more about preparing family members for your passing.

Our mission is simple. The singular purpose for existing as a company is to help the executor and family members access legal documents, records, digital accounts, device login credentials, and shared memories if you become incapacitated, or when you pass away.

Your estate plan, including wills and trusts, medical directives, investments (401(k), 403(b), IRA, and other retirement savings plans), mortgage documents, life insurance policies, and legacy stories will be safely and securely stored in our encrypted vaults. With your life’s most pertinent records located in a single source, we reduce the stress and time commitments placed upon an executor to perform their duties. Rest assured we understand the importance of security and protecting your data. Please review HereToday’s solid bank-level security protocols. 

How does HereToday help my family?

Let’s start off by stating HereToday is not a licensed healthcare provider, medical professional, financial advisory firm, or law firm. Please seek professional guidance when creating any legal document.

HereToday is a platform that secures and distributes your legal documents, online subscriptions, digital account credentials, and other personal documents to an executor and loved ones at the appropriate time. When you pass away the executor can request access to your HereToday account (see protocol details to initiate access authorization) and applicable Vault and Legacy Vault. Learn more about the vaults.

From your account you’ll upload documents to one of five basic pre-labeled folders. You can also create and customize as many additional folders as desired. Prepared folders include the following: 

Living Will / Power of Attorney


  1. Legal
  2. Financial
  3. Medical
  4. Insurance
  5. Devices & Passwords 

Legacy Vault

  1. Recipes
  2. Heirlooms
  3. Photos
  4. Stories
  5. End of Life 

Please note the Living Will / Power of Attorney folder is deliberately kept separate from the Vault and Legacy Vault. If you become incapacitated a family member can quickly request these documents without gaining access to your private and secured vaults. 

Here’s a Checklist of Documents and items you could add to your vaults. With each added document you can share the file with an executor, estate planner, financial advisor, insurance agent, and family members. Like everyone’s life, your account is unique. You can easily customize the vaults and folders to suit your needs.