What’s Your Legacy?

April 15, 2021

In the most simplistic definition, legacy is how a person would like to be remembered. You’re the author of your life. What memorable life stories will you share?

With HereToday’s Legacy Vault you get to share your story. Tell loved ones about your experiences, travels to far off destinations, sports, family heirlooms, favorite recipes, photos, music playlists and more. Instead of leaving libraries of unidentified family photos, following generations will benefit from faces matched with names family genealogy folders and links.

How do you want your family and loved ones to remember you?

Your personal values are important to you. These traits and behaviors have motivated your life’s decisions and pathways. From the Legacy Vault you can add passages and words of wisdom you hope generations will embrace.

You’re leading an incredible life, so ensure your family and loved ones know it. Did you marry your high school sweetheart? That would make a great story to share. What about your career? Were you in the military and want to share stories about your deployments? All of your life lessons and journeys can be chronicled in the vault for future generations to discover that might otherwise be lost forever. 

Remind your family about leisures, love of the outdoors and nature, and favorite hobbies, like skiing, fishing, painting, writing poetry, or something extreme like skydiving, mountain climbing or auto racing. Your grandchildren would love to hear about your experiences and life lessons.

With HereToday you can leave secured personal notes for your loved ones, like a special message for your husband or wife that’s only released upon your passing. 

You’ve left your mark on this world, so let HereToday secure and share your memories at the appropriate time. With an account you can upload items of spiritual, intellectual, and emotional significance your family will cherish forever. Get a FREE account today! 

Let the world know your stories. What legacy will you leave behind for your family and friends?


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