The Digital Afterlife

April 15, 2021

Your life is online. From ordering household supplies on the internet to banking and media subscriptions – everything in your life requires a secured login. You even store credit cards on a phone, enabling you to purchase items with Apple Pay or Android Pay. These accounts and digital devices hold significant personal and financial details of your life. Have you considered what happens to these subscriptions when you pass away? Let’s explore the ramifications and solution to the digital afterlife. 

Social Media and Subscriptions

You have social media accounts and connect with friends online. Perhaps you post images on Facebook or Instagram, or entertain the world with your Twitter or TikTok account? After a long day at work you might enjoy a movie on Netflix, Hulu or HBO, all services and platforms that require a username and password. 

Device Login Credentials

Everyday you log into a computer that requires an access code. You answer your phone with a simple swipe, pin code, or face recognition. All these devices require your unique authentication. 

Executor and Family Member Lockout

If you became incapacitated or have passed away, would your executor and loved ones be able to access these accounts and devices? As an example, how would the executor deactivate your Facebook account? A password manager accessed through a laptop won’t help your family if they don’t have the device’s login credentials. A troubling catch-22. 

The digital afterlife is real. 

Instruct the executor how to manage your online accounts. 

The Solution

HereToday’s Vault is the solution. Simply upload your digital account access details to the Vault. All items added to the Vault are automatically assigned to your executor. Rest assured that nobody can access the Vault without confirmation of your passing. We take our Security very seriously. 

If you want the executor to have access to your digital assets, you must clearly document this authorization in your will or power of attorney. Learn more about RUFADAA.

Please Note: Prior to adding digital account information to HereToday, your prepared legal documents must comply with the Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act (RUFADAA). This act was created to provide fiduciaries (like executors and attorneys-in-fact) with a legal path to managing the digital assets of deceased or incapacitated people. 


Disclaimer. HereToday is not a legal service. This content should not be taken as legal advice. Before drafting any legal document, please consult an attorney.

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