HereToday’s Vaults

April 29, 2021

We created an encrypted, bank-level security, vault system to store your documents and legacy items. If you become incapacitated an executor can Claim access to your Living Will / Power of Attorney; or upon your passing, an executor can claim your entire account including the Vault and Legacy Vault.

Your security is our number one priority

HereToday uses the latest technology to protect your account. Multi-factor authentication and bank grade encryption is deployed across our website and application, plus we utilize advanced analytics to recognize fraudulent activity. We’re continuously innovating to keep you and your data safe. Learn more about our safety and security protocols.

From your account you’ll upload documents to either the Vault or Legacy Vault. Both vaults include five pre-labeled folders. You can create and customize as many additional folders as desired. The prepared folders include:


  1. Legal
  2. Financial
  3. Medical
  4. Insurance
  5. Devices & Passwords

Legacy Vault

  1. Recipes
  2. Heirlooms
  3. Photos
  4. Stories
  5. End of Life

The Living Will / Power of Attorney section is located within the Vault’s Legal folder. By sharing these documents with an executor and family members, if you become incapacitated a loved one can claim these documents without gaining access to your private and secured vaults.


Disclaimer. HereToday is not a legal service. This content should not be taken as legal advice. Before drafting any legal document, please consult an attorney.

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