HereToday’s Vaults

April 29, 2021

HereToday has created an encrypted, bank-level security, vault system to safeguard and share your estate plan and applicable documents, digital device access details, usernames and passwords, and legacy items. In the event you become incapacitated or pass away, an executor can request access to your life’s most important documents and accounts from a single location.

Legacy Vault

The Legacy Vault stores a collection of your life’s memories, like stories, photos, music playlists, favorite recipes, heirlooms, and ancestry. These are items and experiences of emotional significance you want to share with your family and friends.

​​​​Life Vault

The Life Vault is a secured online repository. You can upload and store an estate plan, will, trust, investment accounts, mortgage documents, auto loans, insurance policies, and more. The vault also secures access details to your digital devices like a computer and phone, as well as login credentials to online accounts. From the vault, you can provide documents instructing an executor how to manage your digital assets; which could include email addresses, social media, and recurring subscriptions.

Advance Directives Vault

If you become incapacitated, an authorized individual can request access to your living will (advance directive), power of attorney, or health care proxy. When uploading documents to the Advance Directives Vault, use the Share tool to assign files to an executor and family members.

Your Security Is Our Number One Priority

HereToday uses the latest cyber security technology to protect your account. Multi-factor authentication and bank grade encryption is deployed across our website and applications, plus we utilize advanced analytics to recognize fraudulent account activity. HereToday’s solution employs data encryption and tokenization, such that all data is encrypted in transit and at rest. We’re continuously innovating to keep you and your data safe. Learn more about HereToday’s safety and security protocols.

Prepared Folders

From your account, you can upload files to the Advance Directive Vault, the Life Vault, or the Legacy Vault. Both the Life and Legacy Vaults include five pre-labeled folders. At any time, you can create and customize as many additional folders as desired.

Life Vault
1. Legal
2. Financial
3. Medical
4. Insurance
5. Devices & Passwords

Legacy Vault
1. Recipes
2. Heirlooms
3. Photos
4. Stories
5. End of Life

Sharing Folders and Files

Upon uploading a file, you’ll be presented with sharing options. You can share a file with an executor, Life Guard, or Contact. A Contact can be any friend or loved one not assigned to be an executor or Life Guard; additionally, a Contact could be a trusted professional, such as a financial advisor, estate attorney, or accountant.

Privacy and Account Access

To gain access to the vaults, an executor will report your incapacity or passing to HereToday. This action will trigger the Vault Release Time protocol, a series of emails to you – please keep your email address up to date. Based upon your predetermined amount of time, if we do not receive a response from you, the vaults could be released to the executor. Time periods range from 24 hours to 30 days. This action will also start the Life Guard verification process.

An executor cannot access your account prior to the completion of our Vault Release Time protocol; additionally, we must receive account release permission from your Life Guards. The Life Guards will be sent an email or text message with instructions to verify your status. Upon verification from these individuals, plus the elapsed Vault Release Time, we will release the account to your executor. At the same time, any files shared with a Contact will be released.


Disclaimer. HereToday is not a legal service. This content should not be taken as legal advice. Before drafting any legal document, please consult an attorney.

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