Grandma’s Eggplant Lasagna

April 30, 2021

I hold dual citizenship with the United States and England. These two wonderful countries have vastly different personalities and cultural traits; as you can imagine, both offer history, nostalgia, and unique foods I want to pass down to my family. It’s important to me that our next generation learns about previous family gatherings, how my parents and grandparents would prepare incredible meals, and the delightful clash of American and English cuisine. 

Laugh all you want about English cooking, but my nanny could make an incredible Christmas cake. My American grandma was famous, or perhaps infamous, for her casserole dishes. I defy you to present a better pie than my mom’s lemon meringue – you better bring a strong pie game if you want to take her on. Also, I’d be remiss not to mention my other half’s Mexican heritage, which brings flavors and spices only found in her family’s dishes. You haven’t experienced a full life until you’ve tried her birria. 

Safeguard and Share Your Family Favorite Recipes

Over the years I’ve collected my family’s favorite recipes; of course, all of these cherished dishes are lovingly stored on Google Drive or Dropbox. Not a single recipe is handwritten on a 3×5 card or printed off for safe keeping. Everything is stored online. So what happens if I pass away tomorrow? Without instructions and login credentials to my laptop and online accounts, family members will never be able to access and discover my collection of generational recipes. HereToday was created to solve this digital afterlife problem. 

Our platform is more than a password repository and recipe placement holder. HereToday is a safe deposit box for your life. Everything important to your legacy can be safeguarded and shared with loved ones at the appropriate time. In fact, all things that delight you in life can and should be preserved for your family and friends. From your account’s Legacy Vault, upload your favorite recipes to the Recipes folder. Learn more about our vaults.

Disclaimer: If you’ve read this far you’ll have noticed there’s no mention of grandma’s eggplant lasagna. Truth be told, I don’t like eggplant and would never save such a recipe. Sorry. I’m sure your family enjoys delicious eggplant dishes, but I won’t be collecting one anytime soon. Perhaps you’ll enjoy Bon Appetit’s list of 51 eggplant recipes.


Morgan – Co Founder and CEO


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